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Welcome to our homepage MMS INC. , and thanks with our whole heart and soul.

Our corporation, MMS INC. is corporation is on sale, carries out construction work, and produces the higgest quality heating goods by using new materials.

Far-infrared rays heater is the frontiers of technology by emitting radiant heat of Far-infrared rays which is more updated with epochal than the existing heating system as well as, it is possible partial heating control ,and it is friendly-curcumstance, and clean heating goods without any electronic wave.

This goods is estimated as most prompt heater in restaurants, condominiums, offices etc. and it is able to rapid whole heating concurrently with the cheapest fee except harmful electronic wave. In brief, the new technology is estimated the epochal future heating method for saving energy and the cheapest fee.

As well, all staffs always make an effort to everlasting develop for our skills connected with high quality the goods as the first class enterprise to offer the most satisfied service to all the patrons who trust our goods.

It is our pleasure of step up to all patrons who are visiting homepage.

Now we ask you to constant concerning and advice for our corporation and Thanks for your visiting again. 
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