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Mimansa Inc. will be with you and your company.

We, MIMANSA Inc. are international counsulting/trading company in the area of building/construction
materials, located in Seoul.

We are representing more than 120 firms and cooperating with provincial Government which also represents
1200 companies. Recently Joint venture and financial Investment for new Inventions become our priority business.

You can cooperate with us, establishing branch office, exporting & importing the products of building/construction
materials and investing in our successful project.

We are always pleased to get your Idea and suggestion for cooperation. They will come true by our financial
support and successful management.

We have our partner in every field of business around the world; Russia, India, Germany, Italy, Korea , many
Africa countries, England and other countries.

Your future will be made successful with us.

Our Services

We are your competent and suitable partner in matters of  building/construction materials

services in Consulting , Planning, Marketing Management up to Setting up of factory in Korea
services in Technic-Transfer, Finding a appropriate Partner in your area.
the worldwide Trade and Sales/Marketing of building/construction materials like filme heater and half-bath
   products , etc. Due to our global Sourcing-Strategy, we are in the position to offer high-quality products at
   very competitive prices that are needed to setup any building/construction materials .

Our Partner

  Germany-Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart
  Others- France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom
  Korea-seoul, busan, daegu, chungju, pohang, chunju, kwangju
  Japan-tokyo, Osaka
  China-shanghai, kwangzou, Beijing,Shenzen
  India-Mumbai, New Deli
  Others-Malaysia, Singapor, Taiwan, Hongkong, Pakistan, Srilangka
  Chille, Brazil, USA, Venezuella
  Infos about business, B2B, Joint-Venture, Investment-Project. Contact us thorough
  mail ( kjkim@fidesindeo.co.kr ), Tel. 0082-2-716-4697, Fax. 0082-2-716-4688.
Fidesindeo Inc. Yumree Dong 8-40, Mapo Gu, Seoul, Korea Tel. ++82-2-716-4687
Fax. ++82-2-716-4688 Mail: kjkim@fidesindeo.co.kr
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