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Heating film heater by far-infrared rays!!
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Introduction for far-infrared rays.
Far-infrared ray has the longest wave length in the sun as well as, contains the purist and the most thermic efficiency among sun rays which is a colorless and transparent ray.
BIN who is Germany physicist of world-wide fame proved the most medical effects of the rays is between 6um and 14um for the thermic therapy.
The far-infrared rays film is composed of germanium, graphite ,carbon as well, it is helpful to human body by emitting massive far-infrared rays, and we are always doing our best to be the leader that is charge with keeping peoples health.
The film using far-infrared rays has been introduced and examined ago 20 years in the U.S.A and Europe.

The effects
Good for skin beauty:
It makes activate a living body that prevent skin aging as well, it keeps more elastic skin.

Prevention for adult diseases and relief stress:
it is useful to eliminate waste matter from human body that accumulated human body for example, heavy metal, carbonic acid, surplus salt content in brief, it is health for strengthen kidney and liver that makes prevent to adult diseases and relief stress as well as has a great effect to relieve women's physiological pain.

Raising immunity and overcoming wound:
It has an excellent effect against skin diseases, it helps to overcome wound by strengthening human immune system.

Blood circulation and Changing physical defects:
It get help to get rid of thrombus in human's blood vessel, and activate human blood circulation as well it helps being alkali for human physical constitution.
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