Far-infrared rays

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Features of Goods
Epochal Saving for heating charges by doing individual heating.
It is a friendly-circumstance goods and more efficient that block off a water stratum with emitting the far-infrared rays.
Variety Setting place with more simple construction. It is a radiant heating system which is warm from the lower layer to the upper parts of air.

Setting places for the film heater.
Building for readying All kinds state examination, Night duty room, Dormitory
Building for School contained Government and public offices
All kinds hospitals , Hospital ward, Building for maternity care of the health, Clinic center
Condominium, Pension, Steel house/ Container house, Bungalow, All kinds Rest area
Room for fomentation and massage, Public bath, Resting place, motel, hotel, officetel, apartment etc...

Comparison features Film heater with Electric panel.
Names of goods Film heater Under-floor heating panel system
Material for generating heat Carbon Nickel iron chrome line
Electronic wave Less Far-infrared rays
Far-infrared rays 90.4% Not contained
Connecting structure parallel series
Overheating structure Regular temperature rising with overheating
Endurance No corrosion ,as well the function keeps in case of disconnecting Corrosion happened easily and In case of disconnecting lost function
The variation for indoor contained upper,lower parts The whole indoor parts were being warm by radiant heating The lower part was hot and the ceil was cold
( Heavy variation)
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