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What makes MMS Half Bath distinct from traditional Half bath ?
For normal half bath We put half the body-from the navel down-into the bathtub filled with warm water about 37-39 degrees higher than body
temperature. It will take about 10 minutes for you to feel warm and start sweating. It will be more faster than when you take a full bath. Instead of Water the far infrared rays system is used for MMS half bath.  It will excellent for increasing the ability of your body and mind.

A Speciall features of MMS Half-Bath product

The half bath has not only the traditional half bath effects but also speciall effects  additionally because MMS Half-Bath
includes far infrared rays system. Our produt will improve your body functioning increasing excretion of waste materials
and accelerating metabolism.

MMS Haf Bath has following merits:

1. It's complete half bath sauna providing effects of half bath and far-infrared rays. 
2. Easy temperature & time control, heating up the water is simple. No unsanitary problem which may caused by water
3. Electric charges are not high; 1 hour a day will cost about 1 US$ per month (in Korea).
4. It is absolutely easz to use it due to digital control system.
5. A small space is necessary for setting up our half bath system.

A Do not use for those with disease

However, several things should be considered before using the half bath products on the markets:

1. Do not use it, if you have some disease like acne, malar flush, and telangiectasis
   (a skin condition often confused for acne).
2. Do not use it, if you have sensitive or dry skin.  The acidic layers of protective sebum (natural oils) from the skin may
   be removed, so the symptoms of dryness and sensitivity can become exacerbated if you sit in warm water for a long
   period of time.
3. do not use it, if you sweat profusely.
4. do not use  it, if you feel tired or dizzy when sweating.
5. do not use it if you suffer from cardiovascular disease.
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