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What is heating pipe ?
Mirea Heating Pipe is a kind of heater such as boiler and electric stove. It has,however, more technically developed heating system. Its ouside consists of Polypropylene and its inside Polypropylene and other raw materials. Mirae heating pipe is a electric nonmetal heating products and looks like a pipe (please see the detailed picture on this website www.mfilm.co.kr)

Heating process

Due to the special character of its raw material, the far-infrared rays are radiated by electricity. This far-infrared rays apply heat to the neighboring materials.  The heating process is called radiatiation of heat. 

Automatic temperature control and  energy saving function

Mirae Heating Pipe uses very little power because its temperature can rises at most up to 60 degree by self-limiting fuction.  It is therefore not possible Mirae heating pipe to be overheated . The fire problem by onverheating will be excuded. 

Technically advanced !!!

Mirae heating pipe  is better than any other traditional heating products which has power failure 
caused  by oxidization. 
The demerits of traditional heating products like Fire caused by overheating 
and the short durability have been conquered by our technic. Mirae Heating Pipe is safer and more effective than tradtional heating products. It has no nicrome wire which emits electromagnetic waves that causes a lot of deases. It is also semi-ermanant.
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