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Comparison monthly heating fee.
Monthly use is calculated by common electricity use in ten pyeong, and the standard is total 30days which is reckoned one day each 10hours.
The midnight electric pannel was calculated by a standard of the Korean public affairs and electricity.
The film heater and electric panel fee exclude a standard fee.
There are a little changes in price for example, city gas, LPG, boiler by building, or kinds tools for monthly use.

Comparison features Film heater with Electric panel.
Classification Supply price Monthly use Monthely heating fee
LPG 990won/kg 130kg 128.700won
kerosene boiler 990won/L 1751 157.500won
Under-floor heating panel system 64.9won/kwh 1.248kWh 80.995won
Midnight electricity 29.8won/kwh 24.00kWh 80.995won
MI-RAE film 64.9won/kwh 840kwh 54.516won
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